Monday, February 6, 2012

The Definitive Super Bowl Ad Review of 2012

What makes my ad review the definitive one? A highly scientific process involving two things:
1. I work in the industry
2. I watch the game for the game. If I happen to remember an ad, congrats, you have a winner. It’s usually when the room goes silent. If I missed your ad because I was stuffing my face, well, then you just wasted $4 million dollars.

First, I sympathize with any Creative put through the gauntlet of peer reviews, client reviews, focus groups, VP/CEO whims and all of the other daunting trials and tests that an idea has to survive to actually make it on the air. Unless you work on the GoDaddy account: then you just have to hate self-respect as much as you seemingly hate women and/or good taste.

Second, if you watched the ads BEFORE the SuperBowl, get a hobby or something. Seriously, there’s more to life than buying stuff.

Third, I will not be reviewing any beverage ads because of a few conflicts of interest. Also, I don’t consider movie trailers “ads” unless they did something unorthodox, like not showing the best parts of the movie.

Fourth, the best line of the night from a person in the room was when Madonna came out on stage: “Is that Betty White?”

Ads I remembered
·      The hot version of the J. Lo car.  A stunning woman* seduces a nerdy dude in Italian or some other language I don’t speak. Va-va-vroom. 
·      The bulldog running in shoes. Entertaining until the end. Did we really need to give Tone-Loc money for “Wild Thing”? Know your joke, people.
·      The spot with the couch and the monkeys. Don’t remember what it was for, but it made me laugh.
·      The kids playing sports. One of the few heartfelt spots of the night.
·      The Seinfeld spot. Not all that funny until Jay Leno saved it at the end. Who knew? Also, it was for a car. Four wheels, I believe.

Ads I remembered for the wrong reasons
·      Audi vs. Vampires. Really? The lights? That’s the best feature on a luxury car?
·      Doritos. The nice thing about these spots is the job security.

*Call me