Monday, February 13, 2012

Motivation for Running (volumes 1 & 2)




Blogger and recreational runner, That Tad Guy, has created a series of Motivation for Running tracks that take aspiring runners through either a 5k race or Half Marathon. 

What is this … thing?
Basically, I provide motivational tracks you can add to your running playlist to help you power through either a 5K race or half marathon.

How is this different than other workout-themed albums?
It’s not music; it’s spoken motivation. A lot of what’s out there is just music with a common tempo. This is me talking to you at certain points along your run.

Do you seriously expect people to want to run with a complete stranger in their ear?
Yes and no. I don’t see it as being all that different than listening to a celebrity trainer. Plus, I have a 9-to-5 job and know how hard it is to find the time and motivation to train for fun runs. To me, it’s what makes these tracks more realistic than just listening to someone whose only job is to workout all day. And I priced them at $1-2 so that money wouldn’t be a barrier or an issue.

So how did this come about?
A friend was training for a marathon and I was joking that everyone should record one funny, inspirational message for each mile. But like a lot of ideas involving large groups of people, it never materialized. And yet, there was something about the idea that stuck with me—probably the insight that running is both intensely individual and oftentimes boring. So I wrote out some fun tracks, bought a Samson Meteor Mic and began recording in Garageband. Before long, it started to take shape and I decided to self-publish using CD Baby for distribution.

Will there be a full marathon version coming out?
Not until I actually run one myself. I felt it was important to have actually run the distances I talk through. There are times during a race when you need a good laugh and times when you need more serious motivation. I tried to strike that balance by using my own personal experiences.

Why are there different prices on iTunes and Amazon?
Not sure. I priced these low so that more people would be interested in them and could enjoy them. I also wanted to sell them as an album only, but I guess each retailer has its own ideas about how to price and distribute them.