Friday, February 17, 2012

So I went to the Library.

Check it out: I may have a problem. And, yes, that was a Library joke.
My Junior year of college I took 15 credit hours across three literature courses and ended up with 1200+ pages of required reading a week*. Not surprisingly, I got to be pretty skilled at skimming large swaths of words and unearthing quotes buried deep in the dense tangle of letters and past participle phrases. I also made the Annual Dean's List that year**. My point is that I now read only for pleasure and if it wasn't for the Public Library, I would be as broke and destitute as an orphan in a Charles Dickens' novel***. But probably not as plucky.

*This was before the Internet wrote the papers for you.
**Heck yeah, I'm bragging.
***Master of the Serialized Novel. Stealer of my Eight Grade Year--Great Expectations, indeed.