Monday, February 27, 2012


I didn't make it through most of the Academy Awards, but the biggest winner during last night’s Oscars seemed to be racism.
·      Billy Crystal “After I saw The Help, I wanted to hug a black person. But I live in Beverly Hills, so that’s like a 45-minute drive.”
·      Chris Rock: “If you’re a black voice actor, you can play a zebra or a donkey. You can’t play white!”

I only saw one movie nominated for Best Picture, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give my own awards:

Best Looking Picture
Tree of Life

Best Actor delivering two completely divergent performances
Ryan Gossling (Crazy. Stupid. Love. and Drive)

Best Actress based on one scene
Elle Fanning in Super 8

Best Movies involving aliens
Super 8/Paul

Best Pictures involving superheroes
Thor/Captain America/X-men First Class

Best Comedy for the ladies, by the ladies

Best Popcorn Movie
Source Code

Biggest Surprise

Movies that should have been considerably better, considering the cast
Horrible Bosses
Hangover 2

Congrats to all of the winners.