Monday, June 18, 2012

I click. Therefore I am.

“Is this ad relevant to you?” Sure. Why not?
“Would you like to take a survey?” Absolutely.
“’Like’ us on Facebook?” Love to.

If you’re like me, you’re annoyed by all of the intrusive requests you get from advertisers on the web. Especially since they don’t actually give you anything for your time or effort. But unlike me, you probably don’t click on everything. Or if you do, you answer truthfully.


I love to click on things. And sign up for things. And get access to free things. Why? Because on the Internet, you can be anything and everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

According to the things I’ve clicked on, I am:
·      A teenaged girl
·      Menopausal
·      Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction
·      Making between $0 and $500,000 per year
·      Living in either Beverly Hills 90210 or deep within the Willamette National Forest, OR 00069
·      A cat lover
·      Spend over $100 on hair care products a year
·      A dog owner
·      “Strongly agree” with banning gambling
·      Wear a toupee
·      A father of 19
·      Currently a Professor/Doctor
·      The Mayor of Awesometown, USA
·      Diabetic
·      Really like gambling commercials
·      Voting for Donald Trump for President
·      Albino