Friday, June 1, 2012

Inspirational poster

A That Tad Guy Original
I visit quite a few graphic design sites and it seems like, after a while, people run out of ideas. I'm not talking about a lack of inspiration; I'm talking about not having an original idea whatsoever. What happens, it seems, is that the designer will take a well worn platitude and just reuse the same phrasing in a different design. Worse still, the new design isn't an interesting new take, but just ... different. It's a creation that mimics the act of creation without actually creating anything. Kind of like a Hollywood Summer Blockbuster. So very avant garde, wouldn't you say?

Which got me thinking ... I have plenty of platitudes rumbling around in my head. Why don't I find a photo, slap a phrase on it and, viola!, instant Internet inspiration! Before long, I suspect, it will be as unoriginal as anything else that was once original. To dare to dream.