Thursday, July 12, 2012

Death by Slideshow

Do you want to know the top 100 movies of all time? What about the 43 funniest cat videos? How about 18 steps you have to take to prevent getting scammed on the Internet?


I'm so sick of click-heavy websites that are light on content. It's so obvious that they're just trying to drive up their numbers and it's a guarantee that I'm just going to click right back out of it. Especially if each slide reloads the whole page instead of being a self-contained imbed.

The same vitriol goes for the "how to" sites that just aggregate queries from other search sites. Instead of the "like" or "+" button, why not the "not helpful" button on links that manage to rise to the top, but aren't actually relevant.

So the next time you're searching for "tastefully nude photos of That Tad Guy" and get sent to a "non" site, feel free to tell them "not helpful". Unless they have a fully embedded slideshow, of course.