Monday, July 2, 2012

King of the Koozies

For a time, I was known as "a koozie guy". Whenever people were generous enough to buy me a gift, they would get me a koozie. Hard-sided, soft, oddly shaped, funny, commercial, whatever. When people saw a koozie, they thought of me.

It all began innocently enough: I was in Las Vegas and saw a koozie. I liked the kitsch of it all. It had the glorious luster of a fading Las Vegas performer combined with the cold-trapping ability of a hotel mini-bar. So the rest of the weekend, any drink I got my hands on went into the koozie. This ritual became so useful that I continued it on long after I had returned. People got the idea and I was soon swimming in koozies like Scrooge McDuck through money.

A few of my favorites:

Le Originale

Hulk arms? Slam dunk.

I think you know where this is going.

On neoprene.

Protects your beer until the last sip.

Custom made. T-riffic!