Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writer's Block

It was a night of some sort. Stormy? Dark, perhaps? Dark like a really dark thing. And there was a dog outside in that darkness. It, too, was dark, but not as dark as the dark night. And it had eyes. Green ones that were green like an object that is green. Petting the dark dog with the green eyes in the dark was a girl. The girl was not dark, but she was crying. Her eyes were also green—greener than the dog's green eyes—and tears moved like a similar wet substance usually does from the greener-than-the-dog's-green eyes of the girl and they fell on the dark dog with the green-but-not-as-green-as-the-green-eyes-of-the-crying-girl-with-the-greener-than-the-dark-dog’s-green eyes. Then lightning struck them and they both vanished into the dark of the dark night.

The End